Business Center Charges

service items

Charge standard

Copy (A3)

2 yuan/piece

Copy (A4)

1 yuan/piece

Typing (text)

20 yuan/piece

Typing (icon)

35 yuan/piece


6 yuan/piece

Binding (A4 thick book, A4 thin book)

8 yuan/book, 5 yuan/book

Send fax (domestic)

12 yuan for the first page, 6 yuan per page from the second page 

Send a fax (international)

30 yuan for the first page, 6 yuan per page from the second 

Receive fax

6 yuan/piece

Airline ticket reservation


The original price ticket is free of service charge, 

and the discount ticket service fee is 30 yuan/piece

Airline ticket reservation 


Service fee 50 yuan/piece

Airline ticket confirmation 


Service fee 30 yuan/piece

Airline Ticket Confirmation 


Service fee 50 yuan/piece

Go online

5 yuan within 10 minutes, 20 yuan per hour calculated by the hour over 10 minutes


Interpretation: 150 yuan/hour + 15% service charge, less than 1 hour is calculated 

by the hour; translation: 450 yuan/thousand words

Local phone

1 yuan (within 3 minutes)

Domestic call

Phone charge + 15% service charge

International call 

Phone charge + 15% service charge

Conference rental

200 yuan/hour

Charger rental


Computer rental

50 yuan/hour, 400 yuan per day for more than 8 hours 

Business center business hours: 10:00-19:00