Chongyang Festival Mountaineering
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International employees show their demeanor

      On the 9th day of the Chongyang Festival on the 9th day of the lunar calendar, the beautiful Ruicheng breeze is sunny, and the golden autumn is refreshing. An autumn rain yesterday made Wansongshan cleaner. Tiangong is beautiful, it is suitable for climbing high and far. The Chongyang Festival climbing competition organized by Rui'an International Hotel was held here, and 110 people participated in the event.
      A total of 70 players participated in the competition. According to the ratio of men to women, they were divided into 14 groups. According to the rules of the game, the score of the competition was that the five members of the group reached the finish line at the same time. That is to say, a person running first is not really the first. It must be the 5 team members of the whole group that have reached the end to be considered the real result. Each member must help and take care of each other in the climbing process to reach the end together. .
      Following Director Jin's order at the foot of the mountain, 70 contestants rushed to the top of the mountain like horses running out of the rest. On the way to the mountain, we saw that everyone had to run forward and take care of their teammates at any time. The boys took care of the girls, the younger ones took care of the older ones, the good ones took care of the weak ones, and some were in front. Shout cheering and encourage the teammates behind. Someone ran a long distance and then came back to pick up his teammate. On the verdant and majestic Wansong Mountain, the youthful vigor of the staff of the International Hotel and their courage to climb the peak are fully demonstrated.
      Through fierce competition, the top three in this competition were produced, and the three participating teams represented by Wu Junpo's team were awarded. Manager Zhou and other management leaders handed out medals and bonuses to the contestants.
      Finally, all the people participating in this event took a group photo on the top of Wansong Mountain. Accompanied by everyone's cheerful laughter, this mountaineering activity was successfully concluded.
      The results and list of the competition are announced as follows:
      The first place is the seventh group. The five members are Wu Junpo, Wang Tianrong, Huang Shaowen, Huang Xiaojie (female), and Wei Dan (female).
      The second place is the fifth group. The five members are Yang Junwei, Jiang Feng, Lin Xuhui, Hu Changju (female), and Xiang Xiaoyang (female).
      The third place is the eighth group. The five members are Niu Huijun, Lei Xiuwu, Tan Guohui, Xiao Meifang (female), and Lin Xiuli (female).