Be a trainer
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Be a trainer-TTT actual combat training ended successfully
      On October 13, 2012, the hotel organized a full-day "Be a Trainer—TTT Practical Training" training in the International Hall (TTT is the abbreviation of Training the Trainer to Train, which means training trainer). This training specially invited the lecturer of Yuanzhou Group Company, Mr. Chen Ouyang, to give a lecture, which was hosted by the general manager of the hotel, Mr. Zhou Chuanxin, and more than 20 hotel trainers participated.
      The training opened with a short video of mutual help and love to drive the atmosphere of the audience, leading to the concept of "learning to share". Then, Mr. Chen Ouyang and the trainees jointly analyzed the characteristics of the trainers, started training from the typhoon basis, and asked the trainees to perform on stage. Then I will talk about training topics, training content planning and training courseware design.
      In the training class, the trainees actively participated and interacted. The training site was divided into 5 groups. The names of the groups were: Snow Leopard Commando, Wild Wolves, Iphone 4S, Harmony Team, and Golden Corps. The members of each team were interested Vigorous, highly concentrated, firmly grasping each interactive link, for fear of missing any exciting content, so that the entire training site is filled with passion and joy, and everyone has a profound experience in the high learning atmosphere.
      This training further improved the skill level of hotel trainers and laid the foundation for the next step of the hotel’s full-staff training. (Li Chunyu)