Win the pleasure of customers with eternal and outstanding service
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Mobilization Conference for Quality Theme Activities of the Food and Beverage Department

      On the afternoon of September 30, 2012, the Food and Beverage Department held a departmental quality theme activity mobilization meeting in the training classroom.
      First of all, Manager Huang made a mobilization report on behalf of the catering department. Manager Huang proposed that quality theme activities should be combined with daily work and daily operation training. Through the development of activities, the overall quality of all employees in the department, the cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction should be improved.
      Then, Zhu Zhimin, Peng Xionghui, Lei Guomei, Wei Rong, Yang Lianfang, He Yanyan, and representatives of the kitchen team gave speeches respectively. Among them, chef Li Xingjun and all levels of kitchen staff made statements. Finally, the conference ended in a warm atmosphere.
      The convening of this conference allows every employee of the catering department to feel the meaning of the quality theme activities, and firmly believe that with our joint efforts, the catering department will win the pleasure of guests with eternal and outstanding service!