Serve with heart, start from "heart"
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      On the afternoon of September 29, 2012, the Housekeeping Department held a mobilization meeting for the department's "one-stop moving service" quality theme event in the Cathay Pacific Hall on the fourth floor.

      First of all, Ye Liangmin, deputy manager of the housekeeping department, made a mobilization report. Then, floor supervisor Chi Beilei, floor employee Chen Yongfeng, guest room center clerk Xiao Meifang, PA employee Luo Zhizhong, conference room employee Kong Dongqing, and laundry room employee Chen Xinhua spoke on stage on behalf of each post. The speeches of the representatives were wonderful and touching. They not only expressed the determination of all employees to change themselves, starting from the "heart" and starting from the "heart", but also inspired everyone through personal experience and touch.

      Finally, President Zhou highly affirmed the successful holding of the mobilization meeting of the Housekeeping Department and the wonderful speeches of the representatives, and put forward specific requirements and expectations for the next step of the Housekeeping Department. Mr. Zhou’s speech greatly inspired all staff in the housekeeping department and strengthened everyone’s confidence. The Housekeeping Department has unanimously stated that it will never fail the strong support and earnest hope of the hotel leaders at all levels for the work of the Housekeeping Department, and will repay everyone with practical actions and excellent results.